Karl's Lectures

Karl travels the world's gardens capturing images via photography that have been featured in publications such as Home & Gardens and National Geographic.  Karl's dynamic and entertaining stage presence engages and entertains his audience!

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Horticulture @ Heart

Display gardens are Karl's specialty! It's no surprise that one of the world's premier indoor conservatories can count on Karl to add flavor to foliage and flowers like culinary cuisine.

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Truly one of the spectacular aspects of Karl's presentations are the photographs of his directly-experienced adventures in garden travels. Karl has one of the most extensive annual collections of gardens throughout the globe, cataloged, and organized for any viewer's delight!

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Since 1993

A Message from Karl!

Since you're here... you must share a passion for horticulture, like me! My driving interest for plants has continued since I was in grade school and has intensified ever since as I explore even more varieties and species worldwide! The plant kingdom is a never-ending area of exploration. Please feel free to explore with me as you browse my collection of over 155K high definition photos of the world's best gardens (including some non-public "secret" gardens!).

My goal is to share and whenever possible, to educate those of whom are interested in horticulture as well as those who can just appreciate the innate beauty that this planet has to offer!  I have strived to include a full spectrum of flowers, foliage, and collections of some of the most eye-catching landscapes that I could find.

As you peruse my collections, please keep in mind that photos on this web-site and photos within my Flickr account are copyright protected and may not be used without purchase and expressed, written permission.

Please contact me for logistics regarding the ability to legally reuse, republish, or download any of my photography and I would be more than happy to consider your request!

Does your organization need a speaker at an event?

Karl's lectures educate and entertain; but, book early! Karl's calendar is often reserved more than a year in advance - but it's soooooo worth it once you've experienced one of his energetic public presentations...