This is where I've attempted to compile the answers to the most common questions that I receive. Check out the examples below:

Are you available to give a lecture at my organization/event?

My travel and speaking schedule are usually somewhat accommodating to many opportunities for public speaking; however, the key is to book early!  Some events are booked one to two years in advance.

What are your fees for speaking engagements and/or photos?

While there are no "set amounts" for speaking engagements or photography, considerations are made for: the time/costs of content preparation; whether or not the topics are customized for your event; and/or how you may intend to reuse the content or photography that I've painstakingly collected and indexed. Please contact me for specific pricing and I will do my best to make it work!

How do you have time to work and travel?

Believe me, it's not easy! After 20 years in my career at one of the world's renowned conservatory displays, I am fortunate to be able to balance my work/travel schedules and share my experiences via photography and lecture content.  Nearly all of my travel is personally financed (not employer sponsored).  My tenure has afforded me an 'above-average' sum of annual days-off (for an American!).  If you'd like to consider financing a private group tour, please contact me for ideas and/or I may even consider being your guide! I'm always open to exploring the world's horticulture via travel.